Attems, Collio Sauvignon Blanc DOC, Cicinis

2020, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy

Classification Collio DOC
Colour / Type White
Bottle size 75cl
Alcohol 13%
Grape Sauvignon Blanc
Average score 89

  • Attems is one of Friuli s most historic producers. The cellars are based in Capriva del Friuli and the vineyards in the neighboring Lucinico district. Altogether their holdings consist of 104 acres of south-facing terraced slopes on the Collio hillsides, as well as plateaus in the Isonzo area. A few years ago, the use of green manure was introduced, consisting of cover crops that are incorporated into the ground to preserve the fertility of the soil. The three distinctive features of the microclimate of this territory are the soils, the temperature fluctuations, and the sunlight. The Isonzo section features floodplains with sand, silt, and gravel soil. The middle area of the property, known as manine, or little hands, is a primarily flat area set between Collio and Isonzo, characterized by loamy soils with good drainage. The varieties planted there are Pinot Grigio and Ribolla Gialla, characterized by their refined elegance. The highest, coolest, and windiest part of the estate is in Collio. It takes its name Ponca from a particular sandstone soil with alternating layers of marl. An ideal soil for viticulture, it affects the aromatic characteristics of the grapes and the flavor of the resulting wine. The grapes grown in this vineyard section are Sauvignon Blanc, Friulano, and Picolit. The Cicinis hill is dedicated to the Sauvignon Blanc variety and harvested at two different times, first in the lower parts and then in the higher areas.

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